Our Journey to Safety | Ahmad Al-Rashid | TEDxDorking

This video was first published on TEDx Talks  Published on 20 Dec 2016  Original video can be accessed from Here    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCfjmPqMtzs ”Ahmad Al-Rashid brings us a first-hand account of the plight of refugees. With ISIS knocking at the door, Ahmad fled his home, made a dangerous (and illegal) journey from Aleppo in Syria, and eventually […]

When Football Helps Understanding

When a community football team needs recruits and a group of refugees needs a new home, they turn out to be a perfect fit. But first, there is ignorance and fear and prejudice to be overcome. That’s the basis of an Australian film featured in this year’s Global Migration Film Festival. The theme of building understanding through sports works well on screen, but in a climate of growing Islamophobia, how well does it work in reality?